GCSE Light - Scheme of Work and Resources

Creative commons physics teaching resources and scheme of work
created by Simon Poliakoff

GCSE - Light

These links take you down to the summary of the activities in each lesson along with the teacher advice video.  Buttons below the image carousel takes you directly to the full written lesson plans pdf and google drive folder of resources.  The lessons were based around the AQA Specification but I have inlcuded some material for other exam boards.  The  total internal reflection lesson is NOT required for AQA.  With a weaker group you may wish to use some of the more basic resources from the KS3 - Light SOW.

Lesson 1 - Reflection

Lesson 2 - Reflection and Refraction

Lesson 3 - Visible Light and Colours

Lesson 4 - Convex or converging lenses

Lesson 5 - Concave or diverging lenses

Lesson 6 - Total internal reflection ( not all exam boards )