KS3 Light - Scheme of Work and Resources

Creative commons physics teaching resources and scheme of work
created by Simon Poliakoff

KS3 - Light

These links take you down to the summary of the activities in each lesson along with the teacher advice video.  Buttons below the image carousel takes you directly to the full written lesson plans pdf and google drive folder of resources.

Lesson 1 - Seeing with light

Lesson 1b - Investigating absorption of light

Lesson 2 - The Pinhole Camera

Lesson 3 - Reflection

Lesson 4 - Refraction

Lesson 4b - Refraction Investigation

Lesson 5 - Lenses and Dispersion

Could easily split into a lesson on dispersion followed by a lesson on lenses.

Other possible activity: Mobile phone projector

Lesson 6 - Coloured Light